How To Maximize Time Between Salon Appointments

Sure, going to the salon can be fun or relaxing, but having
to go to the salon every 4-6 weeks really gets to be a hassle. It’s tough to schedule the time, make sure you can see *your* stylist, and then actually bring yourself to leave the house (COVID or no COVID - once you’re home for the day; that’s it.) And that’s all before even thinking about the expense. A good cut and color can really cost, but man, is it worth it! So, how do you get the best of both worlds? You want healthy, shiny, vibrant hair without the constant back and forth to the salon? You can have it.


Splurge on the first appointment.

Get your color done right and listen to your stylist about how to maintain it. Dead ends? Chop ‘em! They’ll just keep breaking higher and higher, losing any length you’ve been working toward and they make your hair look limp and sometimes frizzy.

Once you’ve got a killer ‘do, you’ve got to keep it that way.

The split ends are gone, so don’t let them come back. Using a deep conditioner once a week will help keep your hair moisturized and strong, preventing the breakage that leads you back to the chair. Use one with protein (ingredients like keratin, amino acids, and collagen) if your hair needs repairing or strengthening. One with moisture (hyaluronic acid, shea butter, glycerin and other humectants) will help your hair stay bouncy and elastic (preventing breakage!)

Great! Your hair is healthy and growing like a weed. Oh no! Roots!

RELAX. No need to stress over grays peeking through your chocolate waves or your dark roots coming up behind your platinum glow. We’ve got the perfect solution and it’s easier than you’d think! Once you’ve styled your hair for the day, just grab our one of our Concealer Touch Up products and you’ll look like you just left the salon. Spray it, powder it, or blend it right in. There are numerous shades to match your blonde, brunette, or red so you don’t have to worry about your roots not matching the ends. This alone can add weeks between salon visits so you never have to stress about not looking polished and perfect!

Hair color doesn’t have to fade fast!

Use a color-safe shampoo and conditioner. It seems basic, but many people don’t bother and it can make or break their color. Your blonde will get brassy faster, the warm, glowy brown will get muddy and flat, and red hair dye is one that fades the fastest. Products labeled color-safe typically have less-harsh (or no) sulphates or surfactants and are all-around more gentle on the hair to avoid roughing up the cuticle, letting the pigment fall out. Style Edit’s products are free of sulphates and parabens, so no risk of them being too harsh! Hot water will also have your color running down the drain faster. Opt for a lukewarm-cool rinse to keep that cuticle closed. (Cold water-rinsers swear this makes their hair shinier, too!)

Eventually, it will be time to put on some real pants, take the afternoon off, and get back into the salon, but now, you know how to stay looking fresh no matter how far off that is. You can make sure you have an appointment before your big event or do a hair mask and grab the touch up spray no matter how much those roots have grown in. Hey, we don’t judge; we wouldn’t even know!

By: Katie Maus

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