Graduation Hairstyles

Graduation season is here! It’s an exciting time whether you’re graduating yourself or attending a friend or family member’s ceremony. With this season comes heat, rain, humidity, and, of course, those ever stylish caps and gowns. It’s easy enough to wear whatever you’d like under the typically large and shapeless gowns, but what do you do to make sure your hair looks good in and out of your graduation cap? What about keeping it looking great for the grad party through whatever weather you’re stuck in through the ceremony? There are plenty of styles at work great with hats and will last through rainy days or sweaty ceremonies.

Braids are the perfect go-to when your hair might be put through some less-than-ideal circumstances and there are so many ways to style hair with braids. A braid can be worn under a graduation cap, keeping flyaways at bay, while peeking out from beneath to still show off the universally flattering style.The braids can be worn with a cap on, through rainy weather or humidity and heat and then, at an after-party, they can be left intact or be taken out to reveal soft, flowy waves that’ll look great with a summer party dress.

A blunt bob with some texture and waves looks great with a cap on or off. While some weather may cause frizz and a hat can cause flatness, a good dry shampoo will solve both problems. Pack a hair brush just and a bottle to fluff up your hair between the ceremony and party and there’ll be no need to worry.

Long, sleek tresses are on-trend and look stunning with a cap and gown. A flowing plait breaks up the monotony of a shapeless gown and complements all those honor cords and stoles you’ll be wearing to walk across the stage. Some hairspray for hold and a backup hairbrush are all you need to make sure this hairs stays picture and party perfect.

Natural loose waves are another easy option for an outdoor ceremony. If it rains or you sweat, it won’t make a difference when you’re simply enhancing your natural texture. Opt for a humectant-free leave in if it’s going to be hot and humid and scrunch in a little bit of gel to make sure your locks don’t fall flat if you’re wearing a cap. Having a dry shampoo on hand is another safe bet to prevent any volume loss.

Speaking of natural hair; if you’ve got curls and are all about the volume, any style involving a hat is likely to (excuse the pun) fall flat. You surely already know how to beat the heat and style your hair in the rain (scarves, clips, braids, and twists; I’m sure you’ve done them all), but what if you want to leave your hair in its best style: natural and full of body? Some brilliant graduates thought to attach their cap (using tape or hot glue) to a headband or some clips and attach it to the hair rather than wearing it on the head. It’s a great way to keep your hair from flattening out or getting roughed up and you can show off your gorgeous curls even during the ceremony.

No matter how you wear your hair, a graduation ceremony is a great time to celebrate the graduate’s accomplishments, thank those who helped them through school, and enjoy time together. So, rock whatever look you’re feeling with confidence that it’ll stay perfect all day and have an awesome time!

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