Mother's Day Gift Guide

She raised you. She made your dinners, washed your clothes, and drove you everywhere. She’s also the reason you’ve got such great hair. One day a year, we take the time to celebrate moms the way we should be doing on the daily.
So, what do you do for the woman who gave you everything? You know nothing could ever be enough, but that just makes it harder to get started. She’s got enough jewelry and she really doesn’t need another candle. You know what she does need? To take some time for herself. Moms never give themselves enough time to relax and get into some self-care. What are some things you can get to help her chill and enjoy herself?

Everyone loves a Spa Day!

Maybe she’s gone once or twice since she started having kids, if that. A relaxing day at the spa is something any mom would enjoy, but never take the time to do. If you buy her a spa gift card or even some at-home spa supplies, she’ll have no excuse not to! Another great part about booking a day at the spa for Mom, is that you can go with her! Not to give yourself a gift too (that’s just a perk), but so that you can go with her. Especially as their children get older, moms really treasure the time with them more than things. Scheduling a day to spend with her will make her happier than anything else you could get. Making that day about her and giving her time to relax? Even better.


It won’t take a whole day like the spa might, but a trip to the nail salon together is a great gift, too. Invite your grandma and have a girls’ day out with manis and brunch! If you’re a husband looking for a way to treat your wife, a “day off” to go out and get her nails and toes done while you knock some items off of the never ending to-do list is the perfect way to thank her for helping you make those crazy little mini versions of you and her. You could even DIY it and get some nice polish colors, maybe some hand cream for a massage, and do her nails for her. Anything to make her feel pampered and appreciated.

Hair Care Products

Taking care of your hair is one of the most important steps in your routine, right? Show Mom how important it is to use the right products and how much time and money it will actually save her in the long run. If she colors her hair, Style Edit’s Root Concealer products are the perfect gift to save her time and money at the salon. A good hair mask never hurts, and everyone needs a good dry shampoo. If you’re not sure which of these would be best, but know her hair deserves some love, a gift card is always a great option!

Whether you’re shopping for the mother of your children, your grandmother, your best friend’s mom who’s always been a second mother to you, your mother, or even yourself this Mothers’ Day, self-care products and services are definitely the way to go. Moms deserve more of it and so rarely take the time to indulge for themselves. So grab some bottles (nail polish, wine, dry shampoo, whatever) and head over to Mom’s to try to show her how much you appreciate all she’s done for you because, face it, you’d be lost without her.

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